Chairman's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to place before you the information of Medak college of Engineering and technology, Kondapak and welcome the future leaders and productive citizens of the world. I would like to stress upon our Vision statement of "To create a conductive environment suitable to achieve personal career goals with the help of quality education in selected spheres of engineering with strong emphasis on personality development, academic excellence and spritual strength for every individual admitted to the institution."
MCET transforms its students into technically competent, highly communicative and application oriented life long learning Engineers. Their success in the globally competitive technological world and leadership in their chosen profession, are our objectives.MCET offers Engineering Degree Programmes with the approval of Government of India, Govt. of A.P. and with affiliation from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.
Education holds the key to progress and evolution of individuals and societies alike good education gives an individual a holistic view of life, deepens his understanding and broadness his mental horizons. It goes beyond the curriculum, stimulates the intellect and equip students with the skills needed to face the growing challenges of the competitive world. Education begins with keen observation, attentive listening and zealous practice by application in real life situations. It is not merely the time spent is important but now well and effectively and how much one learnt and acquired skills, which is the most important index if quality .
Education technology ought to concern itself with creation of an environment, congenial to effective leading learning process. The goal is to produce dedicated students and inspired teachers. We inculcate in them effective communication skills,ability to work in team and to lead team for achieving excellent result in their professional pursuit. To instill in them a sense of responsibility to words their work and society at large, sensitize them towards moral and ethical values to make them responsible citizens. Sans experience, there no education. For each and everything that one wants to do, he/she has to depend on thought and experience. so that, one can expose good academic credentials through educating the people in present scenario. It involves development and awareness by studying and observation, identifying various elements of skills and sequencing them. All these skills involve knowledge, decision making and action.
Our faculty members of the institution are highly experienced, dedicated and committed partners. They propose and provide the best of knowledge through holistic learning experience with the future in view. A variety of appropriate learning activities are used to foster pupils learning . we rely on the dedication that each student should be disciplined and shaped with good nature.
As the chairman of this institution, I anticipation full participation and cooperation of the students and parents to make it possible for use to transform those dreams to reality.