Director's Message

As a professional institute Medak college of engineering and technology draws on the institute´s rich resources to server the higher educational needs. Serving more then 1000 students annually, medak college of engineering and technology provides career-oriented higher education . The mission of MCET is to "Foster student learning through high- quality career-oriented education integrating technology, business and management" the institute delivers practitioner -oriented professional programs to meet the needs of a divers and geographically dispersed student population MCET seeks to consistently achieve the following purposes;
To continually examine the evolving needs of students and employers for career -oriented higher education. To promote teaching excellence through comprehensive faculty training and professional development opportunities. Encouraging faculty and staff to engage in appropriate scholarly activities and in free exploration of ideas is essential to maintaining the intellectual vitality of the institution. To provide an interactive and collaborative educational environment that strengthens learning provides credential, opportunities and contributes to lifelong educational growth.