Humanities Department

Welcome To Humanities Department

The Department of I year has well qualified, experienced and committed faculty members holding M.Sc,M.A,M.Com,, M.Phil & Ph.D Degrees. The students admitted into B.Tech. 1st year are of various levels of back ground. Some students are with a poor, socio economic back ground and others with moderate or rich background. Some students are with rural back ground, studied in local language (Telugu) as their medium of instruction till 12th class (10+2 level), which make them difficult to understand English. All the Subjects being taught at 1st year level, adequate efforts are put in by the faculty to teach all the students to same level. Wherever required, course materials in the form of (running) notes are given in the classes by the concerned faculty. The success rate of the students at the end/final exams is very satisfactory during recent years. Extra class tests are conducted apart from regular curriculum. Adequate library & laboratory facilities are available. Repetition facilities are also extended to the students for better practice in the laboratory experiments in every academic year. When required, personal counseling is given to the students with poor attendance and academic back ground in every academic year. Occasionally teachers are permitted to attend seminars, conferences, workshops etc., for improvement of professional skills.

The department vision is to evolve into a center of excellence in sciences and humanities that will blend innovative practices in professional teaching with research in frontier areas in a mutually enriching manner, with the holistic development of the students as its prime focus.

The department mission is to provide the students with an excellent background in the fundamentals of sciences and humanities, to facilitate a comprehensive development of their technical and professional competencies, to foster scientific temper and a culture of lifelong learning, to produce high quality research, and to render socially relevant extension services

The department objectives, which are derived from the vision and the mission statements, are as follows:

  • To continually improve the teaching learning processes, by keeping abreast of latest trends in pedagogy and the individual disciplines
  • To promote innovation, creativity and critical thinking across the disciplines, and increase participation in research and extension
  • To empower the staff and the students to realize their full potential

The department is committed to maintaining quality in teaching, research and extension, hence, it will monitor its functioning in these spheres through self-assessment strategies and stakeholder feedback, and engage in a process of continuous improvement.


The objective of the courses is to create engineers with strong mathematical background, creative thinking and problem solving skills, through systematic training and research and by discovering feasible solutions to challenging real world problems.
The objective of the course is to help the students capitalize on the symbiotic relationship between physics and engineering, which plays a primary role in all branches of engineering and in essence is applied physics.
The objective of the course is to impart a scientific approach and to familiarize the applications of chemistry in the field of technology and to create awareness about the major environmental issues for a sustainable development.
The objective of the courses is to provide a positive support system to hone the soft skills of the students, and to provide a favorable environment which will motivate the students to achieve their fullest possible potential for self-development in various aspects of language and communication skills for success in their professional and social life. 


Language Lab The RSET Language Lab, is managed by the Department of Basic Sciences & Humanities, and provides language tutorials for students who voluntarily opt for Remedial English classes. The exercises give the students exposure to a variety of listening and speaking drills, helping them to overcome language deficiencies, and improve their command over the language Engineering Chemistry Lab The Engineering Chemistry Lab enables the undergraduate students to apply and demonstrate the theoretical concepts of Engineering Chemistry. The lab can accommodate a total strength of 70 students in a single session. The major equipment in the lab are pH meter, conductivity meter, potentiometer, colorimeter, analytical balance, stirrers with hot plates, etc. Engineering Physics Lab Laboratory experiments help students to gain hands-on experience of physical concepts through the measurements of the physical quantities and the conduct of experiments. As engineers of the future, the students are expected to know how to apply the concepts in physics in engineering. They are, therefore, introduced to making quantitative measurements in real world conditions, and trained to record and process experimental data.